Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrapped M Coupe

This is something I’ve wanted to see ever since carbon fiber vinyl started becoming popular. Not only have they wrapped an M Coupe in carbon fiber vinyl, they’ve done an excellent job! It’s not something that I’d do to my Coupe, but it does look pretty interesting. The photos speak for them self.

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  1. Michael

     /  February 16, 2011

    This is the meanest coupe I have ever seen. Pure art! Kudos to you my friend.

  2. Paul

     /  March 11, 2012

    I would love to do this to mine but I would be concerned what would be involved to remove the film. I also would love to know what it would cost to install it plus materials. I can see it is labor intensive!

    • Chris

       /  June 15, 2013

      The GT-R in town that is wrapped to look stainless spent over $3000 for labor and materials. Solid colors are less, but It’s no cheaper than paint, but the possibilities are endless.. Removal is easy, find and edge and pull. They unwrapped a Fiat at the last Cars and Coffee here in Jax. It took a matter of minutes.
      My concern with this car is that is it hiding a perfectly good Evergreen paintjob? Because I love Evergreen!

  3. Seth

     /  June 15, 2013

    To the posters saying $3000 is about the same as a paint job… A same color re-spray might cost that little but to do a custom paint job right you’re talking closer to $10k to strip, block or pull the trim, pull the engine, primer, base and clear cats with color sanding in between coats. And on a car this rare and this gorgeous why would you do any less? We’re not talking about re-painting a ten-year old Camry here!


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