2002 M Coupe | Laguna Seca Blue | Laguna Seca Blue/Black



This M Coupe is listed for sale on pistonheads.com. The low mileage Coupe has only 28k miles, and is listed for £20,950 ($32,644 USD). Aside from the cell phone dock mounted to the passengers side of the center console, the Coupe appears all stock. The dealer selling the RHD M Coupe mentions something very interesting, that I would love to know whether is accurate or not.

…only 168 right hand drive versions made, and only 3 in this colour and trim…

Does anybody know where this data came from? I don’t doubt it’s validity, but would like to know the other color combos of RHD S54 M Coupes sold.


Classified ad screenshot

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  1. Matt

     /  January 10, 2011

    http://www.bmwmregistry.com/model_faq.php?id=17 confirms 168 made, and http://www.mcoupebuyersguide.com/index.php/2010/05/161/ breaks apart US production numbers & colors, but no dice on the RHD or LHD non-NA models.

    • Jeremy

       /  January 11, 2011

      I’m so glad Wildag scraped the BMW data to put together the BMW M Coupe production data back in 2009. It’s great knowing how many of each combo there are in the US. If I had the know how, I would do that same thing for Z3 and M Coupes worldwide.


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