2002 M Coupe | Black Sapphire | Black


I stumbled across this M Coupe photo on a random blog. The blog gives no credit for the image, nor any details of the Coupe. It’s obvious that the Coupe has extensive modifications. I won’t try to guess what they are, but they include wheels, suspension, seats, and who knows what else. Regardless, it’s a great looking Coupe and a great photo. Based upon the chrome trim ringed headlights, and all black kidney grill slats, I’m assuming it’s a 2000.   As always, please post in the comments if you know anything about this Coupe. Edit: Thanks for posting that it’s a 2002, Lawrence!

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  1. Rico

     /  January 27, 2011

    Does anybody know, how these rims are called?
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. My apologies for not crediting the photographer or listing the details of said car, but I generally find all these images from digging through various forums so it’s very hard to keep track of who actually takes what photo or what modifications are on a car.

    That’s also why I included a “disclaimer” on my page that includes my personal e-mail and Twitter link if a photographer wants credit where it’s due or for it to be taken down.

    • Jeremy

       /  February 1, 2011

      Thanks for chiming in, Alvin! I certainly understand not being able to provide a source. I often struggle with giving credit to the original photographer, and end up just citing where I found the photograph.


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