1999 M Coupe | Cosmos Black | Imola/Black


I stumbled across this M Coupe posted on mesdiscussions.net by CRCErrOR. Mods include: AP brakes, H&R coilover (front), Bilstein shocks (rear), frame reinforcement, ACS shift knob, and unknown strut bar, and Remus exhaust.


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  1. It may just be the photos, but it kind of looks like it might be Kyalami Orange interior.

    • Jeremy

       /  February 16, 2011

      I thought the same thing when I first saw it. But, when I compare it to this photo of the Kyalami interior of an M Coupe I considered buying, it looks different. Kyalami seems to be a more “muted” tone than Imola. In the photos of this Coupe, even though the color isn’t clear, it does seem to be “brighter” than the photo of the Kyalami interior.

  2. Imola, when not overly conditioned, is pretty muted as well. Here’s my imola interior. I think it’s primarily the engine shot with the view of the dash that makes me think Kyalami.

    • Jeremy

       /  February 17, 2011

      Yeah, that makes sense. I think it would be more interesting if the interior was Kyalami, but I guess I’d rather ere on the “conservative” side and leave the post as Imola. Maybe we’ll be fortunate and somebody who knows this Coupe will give us a definitive answer.

  3. the strutbar is an weichers

    • Jeremy

       /  February 22, 2011

      Thanks, Carmine! I don’t think I’ve seen a Weichers strut bar in the US, so I always forget what they look like.


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