M Coupe Assembly Line || Estoril Blue | Black


This photo was posted on photobucket.com by cheeseroc. There are no details provided with the photo, other than it was taken on the assembly line. This a really cool glimpse to see of a Coupe being built — I wish there were more photos like this. It looks like they were just putting the finishing touches on before it was complete. In the photo you can clearly see the interior has been installed, and the seats are even covered with plastic. Based upon the front Euro plate bracket, this is not a US M Coupe. However it is not right hand drive, so it wouldn’t have been destined for the UK either. Something curious about the photo is the blue wiper blades. After noticing them, they stand out like a sore thumb now.

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  1. Brad

     /  March 28, 2011

    Those blue wipers were merely used for transportation. They have a super thin rubber insert, and were meant to be disposed of when the car is prepped at the dealership.

    • Jeremy

       /  March 29, 2011

      Oh, ok. That makes sense. I wonder if that was always the case, or just for those that went outside the US? Thanks, Brad!

  2. Brad

     /  March 30, 2011

    They used the “transportation blades” for quite some time. They stopped using them around the time they switched to the one piece wiper blade (circa 2006).

    • Jeremy

       /  March 30, 2011

      Was this all to prevent “aging” or wear to to the wiper blades until it arrived at the dealership?

  3. Michael

     /  March 24, 2015

    Hi Jeremy- check out the factory-section in the BMW archiv sites and you´ll find some more lovely pictures from the Spatanburg production line at that time:
    Note the M-coupe on the dyno- great


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