1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black

1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black | With Z3 M Roadstars

This Z3 Coupe was posted on geilekarre.de by zzzm52. What caught my attention about this Coupe is the Z3 M Roadstars mounted on a non-M Coupe. I’ve seen several photos of this setup before, with the rear wheels poking beyond the rear fender by about an inch. However, in these photos they appear to fit quite well. I’m curious what was required to make them fit this way. I though the engine bay shots looked familiar, and sure enough, I posted this same Coupe before. Mods include (translation from Google):


Chrome turn signal lights in Clear glass fog lamps

Red-M White Tail

White side indicators

Rieger Front spoiler lip of Rieger

Rear spoiler, and handle color-keyed

Airbrush in bonnet (shown only with open hood)


Z3 sports leather seats with heating (original)

Panorama lifting roof

Center console, all switches and steering wheel covers finished in body color

SPARCO shift knob-chrome

Chrome interior door handles

Aluminum checker plate Carpet


K & N air filter

Cold air to the air filter box

Eisenmann exhaust

Engine parts painted in body color


BMW M-Sachs shock absorbers (NEW)

H & R lowering springs

M3-arm holder made of solid rubber

BMW Z3 M Coupe rims

225/45R17 front to 7.5 J

245/40R17 on the rear 9J

Strut (Racing Line Racing Line and only !!!!)

Funds brace (center bar in the interior, rather than reinforcing optics)

Sub bar (Verseifungskreuz under the engine)


Hi-boot configuration with Hifonics amp and bass Alphasonik

Schaltwegverkürzerung from Z4 3.0i

-Oil temperature gauge in pillar with related material

Shiftlight Speedometer installed in 2 pieces (once with and once at 5500upm 6000upm

29kg weight optimization slimmed down, but by Hifi expansion of wood, speakers, amplifier compensated remains the 50/50 Gewichtsverteilugn receive

1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black | With Z3 M Roadstars
1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black | With Z3 M Roadstars
h1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black | With Z3 M Roadstars
1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black | With Z3 M Roadstars

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  1. Michi

     /  May 12, 2011

    This one is from Leo. He crashed it some time ago… 🙁

    It was a beauty red !

    • Jeremy

       /  May 12, 2011

      I know, bummer. I mentioned that in the previous post. Any idea how he got the Roadstars to fit correctly without poke?

  2. Might be extreme camber.. The drifting picture in your previous post really shows it. Also – 245’s on a 9″ rim is a touch narrow. That’s stock rear size for a non-m coupe on an 8.5″ style 32 rim

    As I understand it – the German TUV does NOT allow the tires to extend beyond the fender lip, so extreme measures and trickery are necessary. 🙂

    • Jeremy

       /  May 17, 2011

      I wasn’t aware of that TUV restriction. I wonder how often it is enforced? In any event, I wanna know how they are pulling the fitment off!


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