S52B32 M Coupe | Silver


This M Coupe was posted on flickr.com by dylankingphotography. Last month I posted another M Coupe he photographed. This photo, like the other, was taken in his hometown of Vancouver. Not a lot is visible that can be used to identify the year, color, or interior, but I liked the photo and wanted to share it. The one thing that can be determined is that it is an S52, based upon the flat M badge on the hatch, along with what looks like Hyper Silver Roadstars. Given that there were 276 Arctic Silver, and 544 Titanium Silver M Coupes, odds are that it is the latter. 354 of the Titanium Silver M Coupes were from the 2000 model year, which given the flat M badge this must be a 1999 or 2000. The Coupe appears to be all stock.


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