1999 M Coupe | Arctic Silver | Press Photo



I stumbled across this BMW M Coupe press photo on a random website during my regular searching for post content. I don’t remember seeing this shot before, so I thought it was worth posting. The quality of the image isn’t very good. That could be a function of the site I found it, the film (I’m guessing it was shot with actual film), or the editing process. Regardless, I like the composition of the photo. Given the low quality of the image it is hard to identify much detail. It looks like the Roadstars are Hyper Silver, and it seems like the M badge on the side grille is flat. The headlights aren’t detailed enough to identify if they have chrome trim rings, although the kidney grille slats almost look to have chrome on the leading edge. That said, I still think this is most likely a 1999 but I’m not sure if it would have an S50 or S52 under the hood. I would guess that like many of the other press photos it’s a Euro M Coupe with an S50.

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  1. This picture also appears in the UK/EUROPE dealer M coupe brochure of 1999.

  2. Ulas

     /  August 15, 2012

    This is one of the official wallpapers that BMW website had back in 1998. Back then, there weren’t many hi-res photos or high MP digital cameras, I believe it was shot on film originally.


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