S54B32 M Coupe | Titanium Silver | Black

S54B32 M Coupe | Titanium Silver | Black | Silver Painted Calipers


This M Coupe was posted on flickr.com by Bryce Womeldurf. These photos were taken at the July duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee in Clearwater, FL. Based upon the curved M badges, chrome trim ringed headlights, and chrome trimmed kidney grille slats, this is an 01 or 02 M Coupe with an S54 under the hood. The wheels appear to have been refinished with a more matte color closer to Hyper Silver, rather than Chrome Shadow like you would normally find on an S54 M Coupe. The Coupe appears to be mostly stock, with the exception of the refinished wheels, silver painted calipers, tint, and some sort of aftermarket suspension with a minimal drop. Parked next to the Lotus Exige, the Coupe looks quite a bit bigger than normal — even though it easily disappear behind any mundane econobox in a parking lot.


S54B32 M Coupe | Titanium Silver | Black | Tinted Windows
S54B32 M Coupe | Titanium Silver | Black | Lotus Exige

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