S50B32 M Coupe | Sterling Gray

S50B32 M Coupe | Sterling Gray | Aero Front Bumper

This M Coupe was posted on flickr.com by Masken87, in a photo set of titled “BMW Club Sweden at Knutstorp“. I haven’t seen a Sterling Gray M Coupe before, so this is pretty cool if it is original. I kind of have my doubts, though. The hood has louvers, which could have been added to the stock hood, but more likely indicates an aftermarket hood. It has the OEM Aero front bumper and side skirts. The mirrors are black, and the side grille slats have been painted black as well. The door handles have been color matched. It has an M bumper with dual exhaust, but the exhaust looks like an aftermarket setup — the tips have more stagger than stock, and seem to be bare metal, rather than polished or chromed. The front and rear plate read “Z3 M”, but don’t seem to be standard issue plates. All that said, this could very well be a Sterling Gray Z3 Coupe that was converted to a track car. I’m going to assume on the off chance that this is a factory original Sterling Gray M Coupe with mods to suite the owners taste. If you happen to know anything about this Coupe, please post in the comments.

S50B32 M Coupe | Sterling Gray | Aero Side Skirts
S50B32 M Coupe | Sterling Gray | Hood Louvers
S50B32 M Coupe | Sterling Gray | Custom Hood
S50B32 M Coupe | Sterling Gray


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