M Coupe | Imola Red | Black

M Coupe | Imola Red | Black | Widebody | Soungazm | Veilside


This M Coupe photo was posted by Sean Rampingshop to the BMW Z3 M Coupe Enthusiasts Group on Facebook. Sean has done a lot of interesting work to his Coupe, making a unique car all that much more so. He added a Revosport hood, smoothing the M side grills into the hood. He mentioned that the hood took quite a bit of effort for the body shop to get the fitment correct. I’ve seen this same hood mentioned a number of times as having terrible fitment, but after the work done to this one, you’d never know. The front end also has AC Schnitzer splitters (they look like the Motion Motorsport replicas, as they are absent of the ACS badge), and ProjectorZ II headlights. The stock kidney grilles have been replaced with replica chrome kidney grilles that protrude further from the kidney surround, and are a single piece rather than the OEM two piece design. The Coupe is wearing SSR GT3 wheels, with an amazing 13 inches in the rear! A Veilside body gift was moulded to the Coupe to allow for the added width. I’m not sure if the the side skirts are the OEM BMW Aero setup, or were also part of the Veilside kit. All in all, the is a nice looking, and very unique Coupe.


I think Sean may go by Soungazm on BFc, but I’m not sure… If it’s him, this Coupe has been through more transformations than any other Coupe I am aware of. Check out his posts on BFc to see what it looked like previously.

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  1. Sean R

     /  February 4, 2012

    It truly bothers me when someone accuses me of a lie… With that being said my splitters are genuine AC Schnitzer pieces and NOT replicas… If you noticed the look of my coupe is shaved and molded hence why they are no badges what so ever… With your logic, is it even a bimmer since there’s no bmw roundel lol? On another not those aren’t SSR’s, but rather Iforged Classics.


    • Jeremy

       /  February 13, 2012

      Hey Sean-

      I never accused you of a lie. It was just an assumption, which is all that I can go by when there is not much detail available. It doesn’t much matter to most people whether they are genuine or replicas. Your Coupe looks great regardless. Looking forward to seeing more photos when it’s completed! Thanks for the correction on the wheels, too.


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