Coupe Cartel Member Q&A | Sky Graham


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Where are you located?
Salt Lake City, Utah


VIN of your Clownshoe?


Mileage and how many miles have you recently driven–approximately–per year?


How long did you want a Clownshoe before you bought yours?
1 year


Where did you buy your Clownshoe?
Minneapolis, MN


Top 5 mods you’ve done?
Headlight retrofit, Z4M steering wheel retrofit, coilovers, lug stud conversion, Strong Strut


Favorite place to drive your Clownshoe?


What is your preferred variety of music to listen to on a road trip, favorite track?
Classic rock/90s grunge…


What’s the best road trip snack?
Homemade trail mix


Worst passenger in your Clownshoe?
Eva the doberman


If you could only refuel your Clownshoe and buy beverages–of any kind–from one, single gas station, which would it be?
Chevron, ethanol free


What is the cheapest make and model of vehicle you’d consider to accept as a trade for your Clownshoe?
Lotus Elise or Porsche Cayman S


If your Clownshoe was crushed in a freak helicopter crash, what would you replace it with?
Another Shoe!


If you could have optioned any color and interior for you Clownshoe, what would it have been?
Evergreen/Extended Kyalami


Which Clownshoe would you like to trade with for a day?
Greg’s (Jones Mechanical) turbo Shoe


Best memory in your Clownshoe?
Texas bluebonnet run April 2014


What mods do you plan to make on your Clownshoe in the near future?
New headlight build, Icon Forged Superstar wheels


What question should have been asked that wasn’t, and what’s your answer?
Which motor/power adder do you have/want? Have stock/want LSX swap



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