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Sorry about the lack of posts


I’ve been preoccupied with others things lately, and haven’t had the time to post like I have previously. I hope to get back into a normal routine soon. Thanks for reading, and for you patience. In the meantime, go drive your Coupe! 😉


Sorry for the lack of posts…

…I’ve been sick since Friday, and haven’t felt up to posting. More posts coming soon, though.


As always, thanks for reading!


…and we’re back!

I haven’t posted in a few days, it’s been weird not doing it. Glad to be back at it. We haven’t been getting much sleep, and with a 2 year old to take care of, as well as all of the other stuff, we’ve been really busy. My wife delivered our second son, Cooper Mason on 6/1 @ 1:00pm (at home!). He was 21″, 9lbs(!!). Mom and baby are healthy and doing great. BTW, Cooper was her suggestion, not mine. Why would I say “no” though?!



Back to regular posting soon…

My wife delivered my second son yesterday. We’re wicked tired and kinda busy at the moment. 😉




Widebody M Coupe


I don’t know much about this Coupe. Seeing the oval side mirrors, front and rear M bumpers makes me think it’s an M Coupe. The parts could always have been added as part of the change to a widebody though. The photos were posted on several forums by Challe of, based upon the images all linking back to his gallery. Challe and the Coupe both reside in Sweden.


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