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Z3 Coupe Drifter

BMW Z3 Coupe Drifter

This Z3 Coupe was posted on by vector507. There were no details posted about the Coupe. I thought it was interesting and wanted to post it though. I can’t identify all of the mods, but aside from the giant rear wing, it looks like they have mounted Sonar ProjectorZ II  headlights, roll cage, pins on the hood and hatch, up front they are running Style 42 wheels, and in the rear Style 68. I’m not sure if the different front and rear wheels are intended as a statement of some sort, or if they were a practical choice, for some reason. The yellow vinyl on the center of the hood, roof, hatch and wing is different than any other I have seen. But, that goes for the whole Coupe, I suppose.

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