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ECS Project Evergreen


ECS is back with an update on their Evergreen M Coupe, and it looks fantastic. Evergreen + BBS RS + airbags makes for 1 impressive Clownshoe! Hoping they share more details about the build.


2000 M Coupe | Evergreen | Black

Beautiful Evergreen sunroof delete M Coupe from Cape Town, South Africa. Evergreen was only offered in 1999 and 2000. The chrome trim ringed headlights, and chrome trimmed kidney grille slats were installed beginning in 2000.


S52B32 M Coupe | Evergreen

This Evergreen M Coupe was spotted in Seattle, Washington on Pike Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. Anybody recognize this Coupe or know more about it? I can’t identify the interior color from the photo. There were only 41 EG Coupes sold in NA, 27 Evergreen/Black, 10 Dark Oregon Beige, 2 Gray/Black, and 2 Black. Odds are the interior is EG, but who knows. Since it’s in Seattle, it could be Thatcher’s old Coupe, which would make the interior EG.


Now Available: M Coupe Colors T-Shirt

American Apparel 2001 M Coupe Colors V2


Now available for order. Details and info here


Inspired by a shirt designed by Experimental Jetset, I wanted to design a type shirt for M Coupe fans, that would be recognizable by fellow BMW enthusiasts. Listed are the 14 colors offered by BMW while it was available worldwide between 1998 – 2002, along with a simple outline of the M Coupe itself…

S52B32 M Coupe | Evergreen | Evergreen/Black


This M Coupe was spotted somewhere near Portland, Oregon almost 3 years ago. The Evergreen paint and roof rack immediately caught my attention. Looking closer, the rack isn’t the typical Thule 753 or OE BMW roof rack. Based upon the round bars, I think it’s a Yakima model. The carbon fiber quarter panels aren’t something I remember seeing on a Coupe before, either. The aftermarket kidney grilles are an unfortunate choice. They stand out, but not in a desirable way. Luckily that’s an easy and cheap fix. Please chime in if you know more about this Coupe.


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