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Now Available: M Coupe Colors T-Shirt

American Apparel 2001 M Coupe Colors V2


Now available for order. Details and info here


Inspired by a shirt designed by Experimental Jetset, I wanted to design a type shirt for M Coupe fans, that would be recognizable by fellow BMW enthusiasts. Listed are the 14 colors offered by BMW while it was available worldwide between 1998 – 2002, along with a simple outline of the M Coupe itself…


Imola Red M Coupe Spotted at HRE Open House


This very unique M Coupe was spotted at the HRE Open House in Vista, CA this past weekend. I’m not sure if the hood is custom made, or if the stock hood was modified. It almost looks like Z3 side grilles were frenched and smoothed. Pretty interesting looking! Lots of other mods present on this Coupe. Does anybody know more about it?



Schuh Syndikat 2013 Lineup

Schuh Syndikat 2013 by Randy O. Christian
A nice shot of the East Coast Coupes in attendance at Hendrick Performance Center in Charlotte, NC.




1999 M Coupe | Imola Red | Black

20130610-083437.jpgKacper’s M Coupe, spotted in Helen, GA at SOWO, I believe. The sign in the background cracks me up: Itty Bitty Wonders. The Coupe is a “wonder”, but “itty bitty” might be an exaggeration.


S52B32 M Coupe | Imola Red

Imola Red M Coupe with Roof Rack in Moab, Utah


Jon Vermillion sent this photo of his M Coupe fitted with a Thule 753 roof rack and his bikes in Moab, UT. What a great setting for a Coupe photo, or really any photo, I suppose!



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