368 Sticker

368 Sticker Mockup Coupe Cartel

BMW has designated an Entwicklung (development in English) code for each BMW that has been proposed for production. Our beloved Clownshoe was given the code E36/8. Not something the average car owner will know, but BMW fanatics will appreciate it, and even more so given the M colors. We’re a small community of owners, but enthusiastic and arguably one of the best!

Represent your place in the BMW world with a die cut 368 sticker printed on premium 3M vinyl. With a gloss, weatherproof coating, these stickers are expected to last outdoors up to 5 years in normal conditions. Approximate Dimensions: 1.6″ x 2.4″.

I love to see what you guys do with your stickers. Please share your photos on Facebook, Instagram(@coupecartel), or shoot me an email. jeremy [AT] coupecartel [DOT] com. Thanks!

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