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Dakar Yellow M Coupe with Color Matched Widened Steel Wheels

Jay Hogan went all out with a square 17″ x 9″ widened steel wheel setup, painted Dakar Yellow to match his Clownshoe. Like the Clownshoe itself, the look isn’t for everyone—but Jay’s happy with it and really that’s all that counts!


2000 M Coupe | Dakar Yellow | Estoril/Black

This far from normal M Coupe was listed for sale Bedfordshire, UK by Ashridge Automobiles Ltd for £11,900 (~$18,140 USD). Of the 51 Dakar Yellow M Coupes sold in NA, all but 2 (which have Kyalami Orange leather) are monochrome – Black (41) or Gray/Black (8). Dakar Yellow over Estoril Blue leather is one of the more adventurous color combos I’ve seen on an M Coupe. The Coupe appears to be all stock, aside from the hideous “eye lashes” on the headlights. Why on earth a dealer would list a car for sale with those, let alone a BMW, is beyond me.


Now Available: M Coupe Colors T-Shirt

American Apparel 2001 M Coupe Colors V2


Now available for order. Details and info here


Inspired by a shirt designed by Experimental Jetset, I wanted to design a type shirt for M Coupe fans, that would be recognizable by fellow BMW enthusiasts. Listed are the 14 colors offered by BMW while it was available worldwide between 1998 – 2002, along with a simple outline of the M Coupe itself…


Schuh Syndikat 2013 Lineup

Schuh Syndikat 2013 by Randy O. Christian
A nice shot of the East Coast Coupes in attendance at Hendrick Performance Center in Charlotte, NC.




2000 M Coupe | Dakar Yellow | Black

20130606-105637.jpgKicking off this Roof Rack Theme Thursday with Colby’s Coupe. I haven’t always been a fan of Dakar Yellow, but it’s really grown on me in the last few years. Thanks for sharing, Colby!


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