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CL Find: Thule 753 in Boston




S52B32 M Coupe | Evergreen | Evergreen/Black


This M Coupe was spotted somewhere near Portland, Oregon almost 3 years ago. The Evergreen paint and roof rack immediately caught my attention. Looking closer, the rack isn’t the typical Thule 753 or OE BMW roof rack. Based upon the round bars, I think it’s a Yakima model. The carbon fiber quarter panels aren’t something I remember seeing on a Coupe before, either. The aftermarket kidney grilles are an unfortunate choice. They stand out, but not in a desirable way. Luckily that’s an easy and cheap fix. Please chime in if you know more about this Coupe.



S52B32 M Coupe | Estoril Blue

20130606-211558.jpgThis caught my eye. It’s an M Coupe hauling windsurfing gear on a roof rack. Quite the setup!



S52B32 M Coupe | Imola Red

Imola Red M Coupe with Roof Rack in Moab, Utah


Jon Vermillion sent this photo of his M Coupe fitted with a Thule 753 roof rack and his bikes in Moab, UT. What a great setting for a Coupe photo, or really any photo, I suppose!




2000 M Coupe | Estoril Blue | Estoril/Black


This M Coupe is owned by Sasha Goryunov of Israel. He’s the lucky owner of the only M Coupe in the country. Not too many Coupe owners can claim the same! He sent these photos with an OE BMW roof rack fitted as part of Theme Thursday on the Coupe Cartel Facebook page.

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