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My M Coupe | 2002 M Coupe |Laguna Seca Blue | Black


In November of last year I was heading to SEMA early on Friday morning.  It was still dark out, and I was about 45 minutes north of home, 13 miles outside of Wickenburg, AZ on US-93. About 6:30 in the morning a deer ran in front of my car while I was cruising at 70 mph. Collision was unavoidable, and I hit it as it ran across the freeway. It bounced off the drivers side of the hood and past the mirror. I received a check from insurance for $10k to repair all of the damage. They didn’t pay to repaint the whole car, but it’s what was really necessary to make it look right.




2002 M Coupe | Laguna Seca Blue | Black


The calm before the storm. Only days after my car was detailed in preparation for, and on our way to Dorkfest, I went through the worst storm I’ve driven in. Wind, dust, sand, heavy rain and hail. All within a half an hour. Luckily, my Coupe fared ok, despite the less than favorable weather


2002 M Coupe | Alpine White | Black

Angus’ great looking Alpine White M Coupe with newly mounted 18″ Rondell 21 wheels. What an excellent combo!



2002 M Coupe | Estoril Blue | Estoril/Black

This Coupe, owned and driven by Joshus Allen, was shot at the Ken Block Gymkhana Grid at Hollywood Park Race Track August 8, 2010. Mods includ: OE BMW hatch spoiler, TC Kline coilovers, roll cage, Sparco racing seats, and harnesses.


“The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

Happened to be heading right towards the sun on my way back from a run to Home Depot, at just the right time. I Only had my iPhone 5 with me, but it turned out pretty well, just the same.

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