18″ Work Equips


I bought a set of my dream wheels, Kinesis K58s, so these gotta go.

Wheels are in good shape, with no bends or anything that I know of. I’ve been running them on my M Coupe (and previous M Coupe) for years, and been very happy with them. They are are more or less in the condition that I bought them in. From a few feet or more, the wheels look excellent. But from less then a few feet away you can see that there is curb rash and other general wear and tear. I thought at some point I’d have them refinished with a fresh polish, and have the centers powder coated a darker gray color. It was never enough of a priority and I didn’t get around to it. I’ve received lots of compliments on the wheels, both from people in person and online. Work Equips are no longer available from Work Wheels. They might be the only set out there in this width and offset. The tires are in pretty good shape, with about 7/32 in the center, on all 4 tires (typically 10/32 when new). The front tires came with the wheels when I bought them a few years ago. They are Fierce HP 225/40/18. They have decent tread in the center, but the edges have more wear. They were that way when I got them and they have worn a bit further since I’ve owned them. Rears (bought by me) are Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 275/35/18. They have very good tread all across, with pretty even wear. The center caps that are installed are what I received with the wheels, and are included with the sale. I have a set of unpainted, replica Work Equip center caps that I can include with these for an additional $100, otherwise I’ll list them on eBay, I guess.

The wheels do not have labels, but measure 18×9.5, 18×11. Fronts — 2″ lip, 1/2″ face, 7″ barrel. Rears — 3.5″ lip, 1/2″ center, 7″ barrel, hub is the standard 72.56 that fits most modern BMWs. The wheels have a backspacing of 6 3/8″ all around. Using that, the offset is ET 41mm front, and ET 22mm. With the 5mm spacer up front, and 18mm spacer I have been running in the rear, the effective offset is ET 36mm front, ET 4mm rear. With the spacers they are flush to the fender (this is with TCK S/A suspension at about 75% of it’s lowest setting), with no rubbing. Side note: I ran the same spacers on my stock M Roadstars for better fitment, as well.

$2000 + shipping (probably $120 – $150 depending upon your location) as is, with the current tires included. Will ship internationally at buyers expense, but I would prefer to ship within the US. I can have them refinished anyway you’d like by a highly recommended local wheel repair shop for an additional $600, so $2600 + shipping. That would include polishing the lips to like new, and powder coating the centers in nearly any color you’d like, in addition to mounting and balancing the tires once refinished. I have a new set of matching front 225/40/18 Goodyear Asymmetrics I’ll have mounted in place of the current Fierce HPs for an extra $250.


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