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Is the subframe of my Coupe destined for issues?

No. Reality is, subframe issues are not imminent. It can happen to any year or variant, but probably won’t. The master himself, Randy Forbes, just completed his 100th reinforcement. The most prolific expert on the subject has repaired “just” 100 of all sold in NA. Even if 500 were assumed to have been repaired among only M Coupes that’s a mere ~15%. And that’s significantly overstating those repaired and understating models potentially affected.

I’ve owned 3 Coupes (M52 122k, S52 80k and S54 134k). None have shown any symptoms. I did buy a kit for if it ever happens, but there’s no indication I’ll need it.

My 2¢, save your money. Failure is not sudden or catastrophic. If you’re not seeing any cracks or popped welds, it’s unnecessary. Nothing wrong with preventatively having it done, but it’s $3-4K spent for potentially no reason other than peace of mind. Replace the soft, stock subframe bushings with polys, keep an eye on the trunk floor welds and diff hanger and address accordingly if an issue arises.

Bagged and wrapped Z3 Coupe video


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