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1100 hp Twin Turbo Clownshoe hitting 173 mph


ECS Project Evergreen

ECS is back with an update on their Evergreen M Coupe, and it looks fantastic. Evergreen + BBS RS + airbags makes for 1 impressive Clownshoe! Hoping they share more details about the build.



Dakar Yellow M Coupe with Color Matched Widened Steel Wheels

Jay Hogan went all out with a square 17″ x 9″ widened steel wheel setup, painted Dakar Yellow to match his Clownshoe. Like the Clownshoe itself, the look isn’t for everyone—but Jay’s happy with it and really that’s all that counts!


My M Coupe | 2002 M Coupe |Laguna Seca Blue | Black


In November of last year I was heading to SEMA early on Friday morning.  It was still dark out, and I was about 45 minutes north of home, 13 miles outside of Wickenburg, AZ on US-93. About 6:30 in the morning a deer ran in front of my car while I was cruising at 70 mph. Collision was unavoidable, and I hit it as it ran across the freeway. It bounced off the drivers side of the hood and past the mirror. I received a check from insurance for $10k to repair all of the damage. They didn’t pay to repaint the whole car, but it’s what was really necessary to make it look right.




1999 M Coupe | Estoril Blue | Estoril Blue/Black

@lilwill123‘s Estoril Blue over Estoril Blue/Black M Coupe. You’ve likely seen it before, as it was previously owned by @heksagone and featured in some great photos. My friend Devon sold it initially to Asim in 2012. It’s had a series of vanity plates not to be forgotten: HEYRU18 ▶️ AWKWARD ▶️ UROTRSH. Via: @purely_euro

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