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2001 Z3 Coupe | Dakar Yellow | Dream Red

2001 Z3 Coupe | Dakar Yellow | Dream Red
This Coupe was posted on in Brooklyn, NY with 100k miles for $12,805. When this popped up in my email notifications, it caught my attention right away. Mustard and Ketchup, anyone? Dakar Yellow paint over Dream Red Extended Leather is a very unique combo, and one that I’ve never seen before. It’s certainly not for most people, and isn’t a combo I could see myself owning. In their own right, Dakar Yellow and Dream Red Extended Leather are appealing options for many people. The Extended Leather alone has a solid base of fans who go to great lengths to modify their Coupe with those pieces. The Chrome Line trim is a nice compliment to the Dream Red, as well. This Coupe look mostly stock, but does include some mods: navigation, two-way alarm with remote start, aftermarket head unit with Bluetooth, along with aluminum pedal covers, an aftermarket e-brake handle, and what looks like a ZHP shift knob. This may not be a desirable combo for most potential buyers, but it’s bound to be a very rare Coupe, with a good selection of choices. Likely better with a different paint color, but the Dream Red Extended Leather featuring Chrome Line trim all in addition to the 225 hp 3.0 liter M54 engine is pretty appealing on their own. Maybe a potential repaint? I think not with a $12k+ price tag, with 100k+ miles.


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