1999 M Coupe | Laguna Seca Blue | Black


Another interesting Coupe that “doesn’t exist” today. This M Coupe is posted on pistonheads.com by Keith Mcgurk for £12,995 (~$20,900 USD) with 72,500 miles. Laguna Seca Blue was only officially offered by BMW on 2001 and 2002 Ms. However, like this US 2000 Steel Gray M Coupe, I suspect this one was special ordered. There are some other peculiarities about this Coupe. It has chrome trim ringed headlights, and chrome trimmed kidney grilles like you would expect to find on 2000+ M Coupes, but flat M badges all around like you would find on 1998-2000 M Coupes. The Roadstars appear to be Hyper Silver, which would have come from the factory on 1998-2000 M Coupes, but the listing specifically mentions that they were recently refinished. The Coupe appears to be all stock, aside from the paint matched hatch spoiler. This is all could, of course, be explained by a wreck that caused parts to be replaced with what was available and a repaint in LSB, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.


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