1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black

1999 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Black | Tein Suspension


This Z3 Coupe was posted on stanceworks.com by it’s new owner, z3coupe. He purchased the 98k Coupe as it sits now, but is working to remedy the damage caused to the front bumper when the P.O. hit a 2×4 on the freeway. That certainly could have ended worse than what appears to only be superficial damage to the front bumper cover. Mods include: 19″ wheels, which look a lot like Privat Legendes to me (a Kinesis K59 replica of sorts), Tein suspension, tinted windows and blacked out corner markers. He plans to add an M50 intake and S52 cams until he adds FI down the road, proceeded by reinforcing the subframe, naturally.


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