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If you have a BMW Z3 or Z3 M and want better light output than stock, Sky’s brackets are the way to go. They allow most anybody to retrofit FX-R 3.0 projectors into the stock headlight housings without the guess work associated with other retrofit methods.  Sonar (which Umitza offers with upgraded components) look drastically different than stock, and don’t match up to the light output and OEM+ look that the FX-R 3.0 projectors provide built into stock housings.


Purchase includes retrofit brackets, necessary hardware, and all the free tech support you might need during your retrofit, directly from Sky. You will need FX-R 3.0 projectors, HID components, and whatever you choose to use as shrouds. Also included is a (TRS) discount code that saves around $40 on your purchase for the additional parts.


Helpful threads to look at: Sky’s FX-R 3.0 BracketsBMWBergy’s HID Retrofit, and totalazneclipse’s FX-R 3.0 Retrofit.


The group buy will close July 10, 2015 as long as the minimum of 10 orders are received. If the minimum is not met by the close date–which is highly unlikely given past demand–payment will be refunded in full. Domestic orders are expected to be delivered by August 7, 2015. International delivery dates will vary.


If you have any questions feel free to comment on this Bimmerforums thread, or in the comments below.


Group Buy Closed


Buy now with PayPal
$105 | US Domestic Shipping
Buy now with PayPal
$125 | International Shipping



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