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M Coupe PPG Pace Car

I’m looking forward to seeing this very cool M Coupe (photo by Ben Sweet) in person at Dorkfest in Monterey, CA this Saturday at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. I saw this Coupe for the first time in photos as it was being detailed locally here in AZ at Pit Stop Auto Detailing. I came to find out that I knew of the owner, but had no idea it was his. He’s already been enjoying the O’fest activities and is planning to join Dorkfest on Saturday with BOTH of his M Coupes, one being this PPG Pace Car.


1998 M Coupe | Imola Red | Imola/Black

1998 M Coupe | Imola Red | Imola/Black | Race Car | Track
This M Coupe was posted on in Bristol, UK by dougw for £18,000 (~$27,981 USD). It looks like a nicely prepped track Coupe, and would likely save the buyer a lot of money from doing the same modifications themselves. Mods include:


Euro M Coupe Race Car | Lime Green

Euro M Coupe | Lime Green


This M Coupe was posted on by BMW Car Club GB & Ireland. The fully track-prepped Coupe is a real head turner with the lime green paint. There was no information posted about the Coupe, and there are no distinguishable features to identify the the year or engine. The one thing I can identify is the Erebuni carbon fiber look fiberglass side grilles. This is the first Coupe I can recall seeing them installed on.


Z3 Coupe Race Car

Z3 Coupe Race Car | Bas Koeten


This Coupe was posted in by Pedro Valiente. The Coupe is listed as a Z3 M Coupe by the photographer, but based upon the Z3 side grilles and side mirrors, I believe it is a Z3 Coupe. The chrome trim ringed headlights, and chrome trimmed kidney grilles indicate that this is a 2000+ model. It is likley, however, that numerous components of the Coupe have been replaced, so they may not be a good indication.

M52B28 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Dream Red

M52B28 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Dream Red | Race Car | Aero


This Z3 Coupe race car was posted on by nordschleifenfan. Based upon the non-chrome trimmed kidney grille slats, I believe this is a 98 or 99. The only mod that I can distinguish with any accuracy are the Hamann side mirrors. There’s a boat load of track specific mods, including: front and rear bumper, rear diffuser, spoiler, ducted front and rear fenders, roll cage, Rial wheels (I’m assuming thanks to the sponsorship logo on the hood), and suspension. I suspect that there is something other than a stock M52 under the hood, but there is no indication of exactly what is there. From the photo, it appears that this is a sunroof delete model. I wonder if that is the case, or if it has been replaced, or simply covered with vinyl.


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