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Now Available: M Coupe Colors T-Shirt

American Apparel 2001 M Coupe Colors V2


Now available for order. Details and info here


Inspired by a shirt designed by Experimental Jetset, I wanted to design a type shirt for M Coupe fans, that would be recognizable by fellow BMW enthusiasts. Listed are the 14 colors offered by BMW while it was available worldwide between 1998 – 2002, along with a simple outline of the M Coupe itself…

Leaving the VDC after Dorkfest 2012

20130616-094847.jpgSam and I leaving the BMW VDC in Port Hueneme, CA after Dorkfest 2012.

S54B32 M Coupe | Steel Gray | Gray/Black


This M Coupe was posted on by nakhon100. This Coupe appears to be prepped for the track, with a number of mods suited for that type of use. Mods include: BMW OE Aero front bumper and side skirts, louvers cut into the stock hood, hood pins, black painted horizontal M Grille trim, blacked out roof, Hypersilver Roadstars with gunmetal painted centers wrapped with what looks like track rubber, racing seats, and aftermarket suspension. I’m not completely certain about the color, or engine of this Coupe. It looks like Steel Gray, but in some aspects, it looks a bit lighter than SG. It could just be the lighting, though. A sliver of the dash center can be seen, which looks Gray to me, making the interior Gray/Black. IF this is a Steel Gray M Coupe, it should have an S54 under the hood, but there is certainly a possibility that it is an S50 and the Coupe has been  repainted, or it is a BMW Individual. On a side note, I didn’t realize how tall and deep the Aero side skirts are, nor how “angular” they are.

2002 M Coupe | Steel Gray | Gray/Black


These excellent M Coupe photos were posted on The only thing posted with the photos is “photoshoot for a client”. There were only 46 Steel Gray over Gray/Black M Coupes made for NA, of which 38 have a sunroof like this one. It looks in the first image like this M Coupe has a sunroof. The thing that stands out the most are the wheels. My favorite – Kinesis K58s. I’m aware of only a few Coupes that have Kinesis K5Xs, and only one that is Steel Gray. Additionally, curved Super Sprint DTM exhaust tips are visible. That said, I think this must be Andrew’s fine specimen. Or, is there a duplicate out there? I doubt it. Let us know, Andrew! Mystery solved in the comments below. Thanks for posting Andrew and Scott!

S54B32 M Coupe | Steel Gray | Imola/Black


This M Coupe was posted on by N7KHO in a thread covering his detailing process for his M Coupe. I like seeing threads with lots of info and photos, and this one fits the bill. It’s a great looking Coupe. You can see the full thread, here. It appears to be all stock.

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