UK Coupe Gathering

This photo of a huge Coupe gathering in the UK was posted by dave p on I count 51 Coupes in the photo. A very impressive collection. I’m really curious about the lime green M Coupe in the bottom left of the photo. I tried to find more details on it, but after a while of searching, nothing was available. If you know when and where the photo was taken, or by who, please post in the comments or shoot me an email.

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  1. hi, the picture was taken at the BMW festival in Warwickshire England in August this year, a total of 58 z3m coupes turned up on the day. more pictures of the event and the green z3mc racer can be found at under “Gaydon pictures”, great site keep up the good work!

    • Jeremy

       /  December 8, 2010

      Thanks for the kind words, and commenting Dave! When I have a chance I’ll post up some additional photos here.

  2. This “Birds Eye”view was taken by BMW CC GB board member Darren Teagles–a great photographer , I sponsor a club competition for the best BMW club photo each year–with a prize 1-2-3.This Gaydon 2010 event was to try to beat a record of the greatest number of MCoupe,s at one location ,after the record of 64 cars in 2006 when we organised the Donington circuit meet to support two racing MCoupes.I organised this day–But we did not acheive our target—–So must wait for another year. John.

  3. Hi Jeremy,
    Darren here, I took the photo at Gaydon last year, there a few others here: some taken my me, others by my son. Feel free to take a look at the many photos flickr from various club events over the last few years:

    Site is great, although a shame is only Z3’s, I have a Z4 M Coupe πŸ™‚


    • Jeremy

       /  January 27, 2011

      Hey Darren, thanks for posting!

      I like Z4/M Coupes as well, but I’m not a fanatic like I am about Z3/M Coupes!

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