M52B28 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Dream Red

M52B28 Z3 Coupe | Hellrot Red | Dream Red | Race Car | Aero


This Z3 Coupe race car was posted on flickr.com by nordschleifenfan. Based upon the non-chrome trimmed kidney grille slats, I believe this is a 98 or 99. The only mod that I can distinguish with any accuracy are the Hamann side mirrors. There’s a boat load of track specific mods, including: front and rear bumper, rear diffuser, spoiler, ducted front and rear fenders, roll cage, Rial wheels (I’m assuming thanks to the sponsorship logo on the hood), and suspension. I suspect that there is something other than a stock M52 under the hood, but there is no indication of exactly what is there. From the photo, it appears that this is a sunroof delete model. I wonder if that is the case, or if it has been replaced, or simply covered with vinyl.



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