M Coupe vs Ferrari FF | Part I

M Coupe vs Ferrari FF | M Coupe compared to Ferrari FF

Since the time the Ferrari FF was unveiled, it has been compared to the M Coupe. It’s proportions are similar, and they’re both shooting brakes, but the similarities end there. As you can see in this photo posted on teamspeed.com by fqogil, the FF is immense compared to the M Coupe. It outweighs the M Coupe by nearly 1,000 lbs, and is almost 3 feet longer. This photo is a bit deceptive though, as the FF is only about 8 inches wider, and 3 inches taller than the M Coupe. The photo gives the perspective that the FF is several feet larger in all dimensions, though. Nonetheless, I like the comparison of the two from this angle.

Fqogil also posted a few photos of his M Coupe. 2000 Estoril Blue with Estoril/black interior, sunroof delete. Other than suspension, the Coupe appears to be all stock.

2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe | Estoril Blue | Estoril/Black
2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe | Estoril Blue | Estoril/Black


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