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Nick Dominguez - Ryan Dinger


Starting a new Q&A feature in the monthly newsletter just for kicks. My friend Nick Dominguez was kind enough to be one of the first to respond. I think it will be fun getting to know fellow Clownshoe owners a bit better and getting their take on this random assortment of questions I’ve come up with. Hope you enjoy! If you’re interested in responding in an upcoming newsletter, shoot me and email and let me know!


General administration department at Healthplex dental insurance.


Where are you located?
Long Island, NY


VIN of your Clownshoe?


Mileage and how many miles have you recently driven–approximately–per year?
12,000. It’s my daily diver.


How long did you want a Clownshoe before you bought yours?
3 long years.


Where did you buy your Clownshoe?
A friend, Paul, who lives in NYC.


Top 5 mods you’ve done?
OZ Breytons, Air suspension, Renown 130r wheel, M50 manifold, Magnaflow exhaust


Favorite place to drive your Clownshoe?
Anywhere but NY. Somewhere where there is no traffic.


What is your preferred variety of music to listen to on a road trip, favorite track?
Metal, in case i need to stay awake.


What’s the best road trip snack?
Arizona Green Tea & an egg sandwich.


Worst passenger in your Clownshoe?
My girlfriend, Alyssa, who has successfully sat on her phone the entire trip to Maryland. Complains about stiff suspension, loud music, and driving over the speed limit.


If you could only refuel your Clownshoe and buy beverages–of any kind–from one, single gas station, which would it be?
Speedway, they give discounts.


What is the cheapest make and model of vehicle you’d consider to accept as a trade for your Clownshoe?
High mileage E30 M3 without the S14B23 / low mileage S54 m roadster.


If your Clownshoe was crushed in a freak helicopter crash, what would you replace it with?
Another Clownshoe, obviously.


If you could have optioned any color and interior for you Clownshoe, what would it have been?
Steel Gray / Black Nappa S54 M Coupe.


Which Clownshoe would you like to trade with for a day?
Gary Akopyan. 850hp s54, That car must be a blast!


Best memory in your Clownshoe?
First time driving it hard in the back roads with my friends. I was a noobie, but still driving as fast as my friends with a spec-E36, stage 2 WRX. My car really impressed me that day.


What question should have been asked that wasn’t, and what’s your answer?
Future mods for our cars, I guess.


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