Coupe Cartel Member Q&A | Evan Weaver

Evan Weaver

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Where are you located?
Manhattan, KS


VIN of your Clownshoe?


Mileage and how many miles have you recently driven–approximately–per year?


How long did you want a Clownshoe before you bought yours?
Since I first saw an Imola Red coupe on I93 in NH when I was 12 or 13 years old.


Where did you buy your Clownshoe?

Gaithersburg, MD


Top 5 mods you’ve done?
Completely stock except for Alpine header w/Bluetooth installed


Favorite place to drive your Clownshoe?
Far away from other people!


What is your preferred variety of music to listen to on a road trip, favorite track?
Soul to Squeeze, RHCP


What’s the best road trip snack?

No food in the coupe! Chocolate covered coffee beans…for the long haul.


Worst passenger in your Clownshoe?
Hasn’t been a bad one yet!


If you could only refuel your Clownshoe and buy beverages–of any kind–from one, single gas station, which would it be?
Shell V-Power Nitrogen Enriched, any gas station with a Dunkin’!


What is the cheapest make and model of vehicle you’d consider to accept as a trade for your Clownshoe?
E30 M3, Porsche 356 Speedster


If your Clownshoe was crushed in a freak helicopter crash, what would you replace it with?
Another Clownshoe!


If you could have optioned any color and interior for you Clownshoe, what would it have been?
Evergreen/Black Nappa


Which Clownshoe would you like to trade with for a day?
Instragram user #bmwb4be’s Evergreen Clownshoe


Best memory in your Clownshoe?
Watching it be delivered via Facetime while deployed.


What mods do you plan to make on your Clownshoe in the near future?

I plan on keeping it completely stock.


What question should have been asked that wasn’t, and what’s your answer?
People ask about my license plate a lot, MPRP3R (Improper). It in the same line of thought as the MRATED, etc and includes the 3 rather than an E for obvious reasons.



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