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M Coupe at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed


@andywaplinger on Instagram had an opportunity to drive this great looking M Coupe over 160 MPH on the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in So Cal. I’m sure that was a blast! The S52 M Coupe is Dinan supercharged.



M Coupe with Vinyl M Stripes

M Coupe Vinyl M Stripes
This is the first time I remember seeing a Coupe with M stripes like this. I’m pretty sure they are vinyl. Looks good!


2000 M Coupe | Dakar Yellow | Black

2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe | Dakar Yellow | Black | Le Mans Taxi | Camo | Stickered


This M Coupe was posted on by Michaelangelo10. There are no details posted about the Coupe, but it caught my attention for obvious reasons. The vinyl “camo” treatment is something I’ve never seen on a Coupe before, let along on a Dakar Yellow Coupe. The license plate is the same as this Coupe I posted just yesterday, so I contacted the owner for more details. I found some additional photos in this thread on from the owner in the meantime. I’m curious about the tradition of “stickering” cars for Le Mans. I like the idea, though!


1999 M Coupe | Lamborghini Grigio Telesto Vinyl

1999 M Coupe | Lamborghini Grigio Telesto Vinyl Wrap


This M Coupe was posted for sale on in Cape Town, South Africa for R125,000 (~$15,071 USD) with 162.000 km (100,662 miles). The color of the Coupe is what caught my attention. At first, I thought it was Sterling Gray, or Steel Gray that just looked awkward in the photo. However, the seller lists that it has been wrapped in vinyl. The exact color isn’t mentioned, but it looks a lot like Grigio Telesto found on Lamborghinis including this Murcielago LP640. It’s a great color, and suits the shape of the Coupe well. The Lamborghini color is metallic, where this vinyl would seem to be non-metallic, as I would imagine most vinyls wraps are. The seller also highlights that the interior has been refreshed including the seats, door panels, and steering wheel. It’s listed as a 99, but the chrome trim ringed headlights, and chrome trimmed kidney grille slats along with Hyper Silver Roadstars would indicate that it is a 2000. Unless, of course, those parts have been replaced. I’d be interested to see more photos of this Coupe. If you happen to know of any, please post in the comments.


1998 M Coupe | Evergreen | Evergreen/Black

1998 M Coupe | Evergreen | Evergreen/Black | Silver Vinyl Racing Stripes


This M Coupe was posted for sale by Tony Erker on in Bergheim, Germany with 52,000 km (32,311 miles). The Coupe appears to be mostly stock aside from tinted windows, silver vinyl racing stripes, body color matched hatch spoiler, covers for the clutch and brake pedals, dash mount for navigation, and some sort of audio equipment mounted to the center console.


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