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CCW SP16A Monoblock Hybrid Production Video

Saw this over on the CCW Facebook page and really liked it. The video shows the full production process from a blank through assembly. I know there are a lot of CCW wheel fans out there, and many Coupes running CCWs, so I wanted to share this with you guys.


S50B32 M Coupe | Estoril Blue | Estoril/Black | Video


I haven’t really posted any Coupe videos here, but after stumbling across this one, I think I might post them regularly. This video was posted on by jurglic while driving in Mendola Pass, Dolomites, Italy. Narrow, twisty, mountain roads, viewed from an M Coupe, chasing a Z3 Coupe — Looks like a fun, yet crazy drive. Based upon the black faced gauges, and sound of the engine this is an S50 M Coupe. If this is your Coupe, or you know who the driver is, please post in the comments!

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