ECS Project Evergreen

ECS is back with an update on their Evergreen M Coupe, and it looks fantastic. Evergreen + BBS RS + airbags makes for 1 impressive Clownshoe! Hoping they share more details about the build.


Alex McCulloch at Laguna Seca

Excellent shot from Got Blue Milk of Alex McCulloch in his Clownshoe during Ofest at Laguna Seca. 
Via Instagram

Coupe Cartel Member Q&A | Evan Weaver

Evan Weaver

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Where are you located?
Manhattan, KS


VIN of your Clownshoe?


Mileage and how many miles have you recently driven–approximately–per year?


How long did you want a Clownshoe before you bought yours?
Since I first saw an Imola Red coupe on I93 in NH when I was 12 or 13 years old.

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S54 M Coupe up for auction in Monterey by Mecum

We knew it would happen eventually, but a Clownshoe (VIN: 5UMCN93462LK61096) is up for auction at Mecum next month during car week in Monterey. It’ll be fun to see how much the 1 of 2, 21k mile Imola Red over Gray/Black Coupe will fetch. They estimate it’ll sell for $70,000 – $80,000, which isn’t a stretch. Several have already sold for upwards of $75k. See what happens here.

Mike Spinelli says the M Coupe is the best BMW of all time

Mike Spinelli—founder of Jalopnik—from DRIVE, names the M Coupe as his choice for the greatest BMW of all time in this episode of After/Drive. Great choice—I certainly won’t argue!



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