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Mike Spinelli says the M Coupe is the best BMW of all time

Mike Spinelli—founder of Jalopnik—from DRIVE, names the M Coupe as his choice for the greatest BMW of all time in this episode of After/Drive. Great choice—I certainly won’t argue!




Coupe Cartel Member Q&A | Jon Martin

1032460150_IMG_7625 (1) (Copy) 

Starting a new Q&A feature in the monthly newsletter just for kicks. My friend Jon Martin was kind enough to be one of the first to respond. I think it will be fun getting to know fellow Clownshoe owners a bit better and getting their take on this random assortment of questions I’ve come up with. Hope you enjoy! If you’re interested in responding in an upcoming newsletter, shoot me and email and let me know!

Web Developer

Where are you located?
Fort Collins, CO

VIN of your Clownshoe?


Rolf Pfannerer – My Evolution to Clownshoe Owner

Rolf's Clownshoe

If you have a story that you’d like to share about Clownshoes, how you came to own yours, or an interesting story about it that you’d like to see featured here, feel free to send it over!


My evolution to being a Clownshoe owner and fanatic of a near perfect Imola Red over Imola Red/Rlack 2000 M Coupe started with my purchase in 1996 of a then new 1.9 Hellrot Z3. I loved that car (Still do. It is my DD.) and couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful or entertaining. My wife and I happily shared this car as I would sometimes have to drive my real “bread van” for the bakery I own. Back then if you wanted to look at pictures and read articles about your car you actually would buy magazines. The Internet was pretty crude and empty up to that point.



M Coupe: As Thrilling as a Thriller | New York Times 
I stumbled across an article published in the automobile section of The New York Times October 11, 1998. It’s pretty cool to take a step back read and about the M Coupe in the early days of the it’s life.
A couple of my favorite lines from the article:

Only the fastest car BMW has ever sold in the United States…

BMW says the M Coupe is ”eigenwillig,” German for ”determinedly going its own way.” After all, if you create a monster, why keep it on a leash?


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