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1100 hp Twin Turbo Clownshoe hitting 173 mph


Mike Spinelli says the M Coupe is the best BMW of all time

Mike Spinelli—founder of Jalopnik—from DRIVE, names the M Coupe as his choice for the greatest BMW of all time in this episode of After/Drive. Great choice—I certainly won’t argue!



1/43 M Coupe Model Stop Motion Video

Steve sent me this fun stop motion video he made using a 1/43 scale M Coupe.

Pit Stop Auto Detailing Mobile Wash Timelape

Pit Stop detailed my Coupe with a 4 step polish before Dorkfest 2013. After 1,519 miles and 5 days worth of dirt and grime from driving back and forth between Arizona and California, they came out to my house to wash it. I took a timelapse of the process just for kicks.

CCW SP16A Monoblock Hybrid Production Video

Saw this over on the CCW Facebook page and really liked it. The video shows the full production process from a blank through assembly. I know there are a lot of CCW wheel fans out there, and many Coupes running CCWs, so I wanted to share this with you guys.

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